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When you install a stapler cartridge in your Canon copier, specialized Canon staples bind your copies together automatically; a staple cartridge is easy to install, easy to use, and even easier to order from ABMCopier.com!
In any office or workplace, you or your employees may need to bind large stacks of paper together and, unfortunately, a standard stapler may not always be up to the task. The average office stapler can't handle binding together more than about 20 pages. You have probably experienced this before - the staple bends out of shape and the pages are not held together very securely at all. You might staple your copies a couple of extra times just to be sure, but still the pages may fall apart, and you will end up just turning in an unprofessional looking stack of papers that have been gouged several times with staples.

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Canon copy machines can now solve this common problem for you with their staple cartridges. This technology is known as "finisher," because your Canon copier will actually finish your copies for you! One of the great things about Cannon finisher is that it allows you or your employees to complete other tasks while it staples your papers together, rather than causing you to waste time finding and using a hand stapler. Canon's stapler cartridges are also much more reliable than a traditional stapler, since traditional staplers are notorious for breaking down, bending staples, getting jammed up with bent staples, and getting staples caught in their dispensers. Canon's staple cartridges have none of these problems, and the entire process of binding copies is automatic.

Buy a staple cartridge from ABMCopier.com and follow the directions to install your stapler cartridge in your Canon copy machine, then sit back and relax as Canon staples your copies for you!

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